Career Day at IMS

Students got to hear from two professionals in the music industry! Annie Sandigo is a Music Therapist and Mrs. Makeef is the rehearsal piano accompanist for the Palm Beach Opera. Both had great presentations about their careers.

Summer Band Camps!

IMS Band Parents! Here is one of the great local band camps “Palm Beach County Band Camp” held at Dreyfoos that Mr. Camacho and I both teach at in the summer! Have your child get with some band friends and sign up together. It helps with carpooling too! CHECK OUT THE EARLY-EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT! A Bunch of IMS kids came last year and we’d love to see YOUR kid there with us this coming Summer! It helps to keep the kids playing in a fun way…and helps to get them ready for a higher level band class and to prepare for auditions too! Scholarships are available through JPAF and our local Community Bands. Please check it out!

Palm Beach County Band Camp

More Summer Camps…First Presbyterian Church…and FSU, GATORLAND at UF, STETSON and more. I’ll send more info as we get it.