There are many great bands to be a part of at Independence MS. The following options are available:

Wind Ensemble (Band IV) – Our premiere ensemble! Students prepare for this ensemble by learning their 7 major scales (some played multiple octaves) and their chromatic scale. These students also demonstrate model citizenship in their prior band class and in all of their core classes. This ensemble performs at the annual Florida Bandmasters Association Music Performance Assessments (FSA for bands) and travel out of state to perform at national music festivals (Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA). Suggested Materials & Equipment

Jazz Band (Extra-curricular Club) – This elite group of student musicians meet twice a week before school. They learn how to perform in a traditional “Big Band” setting and learn how to perform in several jazz styles. This group travels quite a bit and represents our music program at many events! From fundraisers to recruiting future Eagle band members, these young musicians see a lot of musical action!

Symphonic Band (Band III) – This group of dedicated students are in training to become leaders in our elite bands or in their future high school band. Some of these students are also learning secondary instruments and are already a part of one of our top ensembles. This group will participate in the Florida Bandmasters Association Music Performance Assessments (FSA for bands!). Suggested Materials & Equipment

Concert Band (Band II) – These special students are students who generally have some experience on their musical instrument, but aren’t quite ready for our performing groups. They are well on their way though! Incoming 6th graders with elementary band experience can audition for this band during the Springtime registration window.

Beginning Band (Band I) – This is where it all starts for many 6th and 7th grade Eagles! Students without any musical experience learn how to play traditional concert band instruments in this class. This group participates in 3 major performances in the Winter and Spring! It’s wonderful watching these younglings develop into great leaders in our program.